September 26, 2010

Pasoh Celebrates 25 Years of Research: 10-11 Nov 2010

2010 marks the 25th anniversary of the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) and the Pasoh 50-ha plot, a partnership between the Center for Tropical Forest Science-Arnold Arboretum Asia Program and FRIM. In commemoration of the anniversary, FRIM will host a symposium on 10-11 November 2010, highlighting the scientific findings that have resulted from 25 years of collaborative research at Pasoh.

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September 22, 2010

Community Phylogenetics Workshop Held in Beijing

by Yanjun Du

The Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBCAS) hosted CTFS-SIGEO partners in Beijing on 31 July - 6 August for a workshop on community phylogenetics. Nathan Swenson from Michigan State University gave a series of seminars on phylogenetic approaches to diversity, dispersion, and trait evolution. Xiangcheng Mi, Haibao Ren, Jiangshan Lai, Qiong Ding, and Jinlong Zhang led workshops on the application of R and Phylocom to phylogenetic research.

Fifty-five participants from 8 forest dynamics plots in the Chinese Forest Biodiversity Monitoring Network attended the workshop, representing IBCAS, the Institute of Microbiology CAS, South China Botanical Garden CAS, the Institute of Applied Ecology CAS, Wuhan Botanical Garden CAS, and Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden CAS.

September 16, 2010

University of Wyoming Ecosystem Services Field Course at Agua Salud

by Trey Crouch

A group of students and professors from the University of Wyoming’s Environmental and Natural Resources Department traveled to Panama at the end of July for a four-week ecosystem services field course. The group included seven students and professors Scott Miller and Fred Ogden, the latter one of four principal investigators on the Agua Salud Project. The course took advantage of the Agua Salud experimental landscape and study sites to provide the students with field and laboratory experience related to tropical forestry and hydrology and involve them in research on the connections between hydrology, geochemistry, and land cover.

PHOTO: (l-r) Brie Richardson, Nathalie Macsalka, Nibret Abebe, Aaron Rutledge, Bob Stallard, Ryan Anderson, Nathaniel Hadley Dike, and Scott Miller. By Trey Crouch.

The students participated in various hydrological activities, including two geophysical electrical tomography experiments, installation of shallow groundwater-monitoring wells, and collection and lab analysis of water samples taken from the various Agua Salud stream networks. They also participated in forestry fieldwork by taking crown and DBH measurements in the teak and secondary-growth catchments.

PHOTO: (l-r) Conducting the geophysical tomography tracer experiment in the native species plantation. By Trey Crouch.

September 1, 2010

Mapping Underway at Rabi, Gabon

Enumeration of the 25-ha Rabi plot in the Gamba Complex of Protected Areas in Southwest Gabon started in mid June 2010 under the direction of Gorky Villa. David Kenfack, CTFS-SIGEO Africa Program Coordinator, visited the plot in July and August to continue training and supervision of the two field teams, each of which consists of six dedicated Gabonese men who work in rotation to ensure continual mapping and tagging.

PHOTO: Left to right: Landry Tchignoumba, Arnaud Mboumba, Pierre Nicaise Guissouegou, Mourel Mouloungui, David Kenfack, Gauthier Moussavou, and Joel Mpira.

More than 1.5 hectares have been tagged and mapped, with an average of 314 trees (dbh ≥ 1 cm) per 20 x 20 m quadrat and 7,800 trees per hectare. Forty-six species and 288 individuals were recorded in the first 20 x 20 m quadrat, with Dichostemma glaucesens (Euphorbiaceae) comprising 29% of the stems. The plot includes several large individuals of the remarkable canopy tree Eurypetalum tesmannii (Fabaceae), which has a shruby habit and can have up to 74 stems.

PHOTO: Eurypetalum tesmannii. By Gorky Villa.

Click here for more photos from the Rabi plot.