January 28, 2011

Plot Census Finished in the Atlantic Coastal Forest of Brazil

A new CTFS-SIGEO plot located in high conservation value forest in Ilha do Cardoso State Conservation Park, in the Atlantic Coastal Forests of São Paulo State, southeastern Brazil, has now been finished. Located on a pristine island, this 10.48 ha plot was established in 2004 as part of a four-plot network funded by the State of São Paulo Research Foundation. The plot is in coastal ‘restinga’ forest, a form of coastal heath forest, which is particularly rich in endemic species.

Before 2006, only trees larger than 5 cm DBH had been censused. In 2009, Dr. Alexandre Oliveira from the University of São Paulo conducted a recensus to incorporate trees down to 1 cm. Now, two years and almost 50,000 trees later, the data are entered in the CTFS-SIGEO database, and researchers have started analyses. Ilha do Cardoso Plot researchers welcome collaborative work using the plot. Please contact Dr. Oliveira for further information or see: http://ecologia.ib.usp.br/labtrop/doku.php?id=labtrop:labtrop:eng