November 26, 2013

2013 Research Grant Program awardees

The 2013 cycle of the CTFS-ForestGEO Research Grant Program was competitive. Approximately 45 interesting and diverse proposals were submitted from all over the globe.  Each proposal was read by network scientists, and ranked according to scientific merit, contribution to the network, educational contribution, and status of the Principle Investor (PI) to determine an overall rank. 10 proposals were selected for funding. Find a summary of each funded proposal below.

Fruit and flower characteristics of 5 dioecious
tree species

Na Wei, a PhD Candidate at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Michigan, submitted Ecological and genetic consequences of effective seed dispersal in tropical trees. The research will take place at BCI, Panama.

Chris Dahl, a PhD candidate with the University of South Bohemia (USB, Czech Republic), submitted Assemblages of seed-and fruit-feeding insects in tropical rainforests: ecological and phylogenetic comparison. Research will take place at BCI, Panama, Khao Chong, Thailand and Wanang, PNG.

Duncan Kimuyu, a third year PhD candidate at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Nairobi, Kenya, submitted  Factors influencing elephant browsing damage on Acacia drepanolobium trees within the Mpala CTFS-SIGEO plot. Research will take place at Mpala, Kenya.

Gordon McNickel, a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Wilfrid Laurier University, Department of Biology submitted Games in the Boreal Forest: A model for tree allocation to roots, wood and leaves based evolutionary stable strategies. Research will be held at Scotty Creek Forest Dynamic Plot in Canada.  

KC Cushman, an Intern with Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) submitted Improving Estimates of Biomass Change in Buttressed Trees Using Site-Specific Tree Taper Model. Research will be conducted at Yasuni, Ecuador, Bukit Timah, Singapore, Khao Chong, Thailand and Huai Kha Khaeng, Thailand.

Kang Min Ngo, a research assistant at the National Institute of Singapore submitted What is the loss of large fauna on the dispersal and recruitment of big seeded plan? Research will take place at Bukit Timah, Singapore, Pasoh, Malaysia, Lambir, Malaysia and Khao Chong, Thailand.

Lien Lien, PhD, Director of Programs and Operations - Novell Community Development Solutions submitted Comparative Study of Frugivorous Wildlife Species Contribution to Seed Dispersal between the 50-Ha Korup Forest Dynamic Plot (KFDP) and the 50-Ha Plot within the Korup National Southwest Cameroon. Research will take place at Korup, Cameroon.

Marko Spasojevic, a Postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Biology and Tyson Research Center submitted Investigating the influence of regional functional diversity on local community assembly across a temperate biodiversity gradient. Research will be held at Tyson Research Center, MO, SERC, MD and Yosemite, California.

Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot
Molly Barth, a Master of Science Candidate, Department of Forest Management, College of Forestry and Conservation at The University of Montana submitted Fire history of the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot. Research will be held at Yosemite, California.

Ryan McEwan, associate professor, Department of Biology at the University of Dayton submitted Taxonomic diversity, functional diversity, and typhoon impacts shape patterns of carbon storage across the topographically complex subtropical forests of Taiwan. Research will be held at Fushan, Taiwan and Lienhuachih, Taiwan.

For more information on the CTFS-ForestGEO Research Grants Program, visit here.