January 16, 2014

New CTFS - ForestGEO post-doc researcher joins The Winter Lab at STRI

Martijn Slot is a plant ecophysiologist currently working as CTFS - ForestGEO post-doctoral researcher in Klaus Winter’s lab at STRI.  Martijn obtained his PhD from the University of Florida, Gainesville, in the summer of 2013. His research focuses on understanding responses of tropical woody plants to climate change, and the consequences of climate change in the tropics.

Before coming to STRI, Martijn studied plant responses to environmental conditions in a wide range of environments and ecological ways, using a range of techniques. He evaluated Scots pine seedlings in central Siberia, analyzed species differences of lowland tropical forest species in Bolivia, and used dendrochronology of oak stems and roots in the Swiss Alps.
In the past several years, Martijn has primarily worked on temperature effects on tropical trees and lianas. As an experiment, Martijn warmed leaves in a tropical forest canopy to evaluate the capacity for thermal acclimation of leaf respiration. By collaborating with biogeochemists and modelers, results of his research have been used to improve the capacity of global models to simulate the carbon cycle under realistic climate change scenarios.
Martijn is now addressing questions regarding the responses of growth, photosynthesis and respiration of tropical tree species to increased temperatures, and how these responses are affected by source-sink relationships.

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