March 11, 2013

New Field Guide Highlights 120 Different Native Tree Species In Panama and the Neotropics

The Environment Leadership and Training Initiative published Field Guide for the Propagation of 120 Native Tree species from Panama and the Neotropics. This guide provides specific information on the seed collection, germination and propagation of 120 different tropical native tree species. Each species was selected for their ecological and socio-economic importance.

Throughout the Neotropics, high rates of deforestation result in the loss of a range of vital ecosystem services, while the region’s diverse climatic and biophysical site conditions make restoration complex and difficult. In Panama, for example, many of the country’s tropical forests have been heavily degraded, thereby limiting the ability of these ecosystems to naturally regenerate. While conservation and restoration efforts in Panama and elsewhere have increased in recent years, the technical information on reforestation has focused mainly on exotic timber species that tend to provide minimal ecosystem services. Furthermore, there is limited information about native tree species and their propagation requirements available, to be able to make well informed decisions about reforestation and restoration. This guide works to fill the gap in technical information, and also illustrates how to develop a tree nursery for the production of native tree seedlings.

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