March 22, 2013

'Zofin' is the newest plot to the CTFS-SIGEO network

Zofınsky´ Prales National Nature Reserve (referred to as `Zofin’) is a 25ha plot set within a 75 ha research area that has been intensively studied since the early 1970's.  The plot has been under strict protection since 1838. The reserve is a well-preserved remnant of a natural spruce- silver fir-beech forest, situated in the Novohradskehory Mountains on the southern edge of the Czech Republic.
The addition of the Zofin Forest Dynamics plot increases the grand tally to 48 plots for the Center for Tropical Forest Science – Smithsonian Institution Global Earth Observatory (CTFS-SIGEO). Zofin is the first plot in Continental Europe, and its addition, along with the collaboration of plot PI, Tomas Vrska, and his team of researchers enhances the worldwide presence of CTFS-SIGEO.